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PAC SNI-15 Line Output Converter Noise Filter OEM

PAC SNI-15 Line Output Converter Noise Filter OEM

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RCA Noise Filter / Ground Loop Isolator SNI15

Key Features:

PAC's line output converters quickly and easily convert factory or aftermarket radio audio output to RCA output (preamp level). This allows the use of amplifiers, equalizers, crossovers and more speakers
  • Linear from 20-20,000Hz at +/- 5 dB, while maintaining signal phase.
  • Isolates input and output circuits to prevent ground loop noise.
  • Converts from 10 to 30 watts per channel with a fixed 10:1 conversion.
  • Each unit is operationally tested for unparalleled reliability.
Recommended Application:
  • Perfect when adding an amplifier to a factory or aftermarket radio.
  • Great for getting an additional set of pre-amps outputs from a head unit equipped with only one set.
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