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Pioneer RD-HWK200 Dash Camera Hardwire Kit for VREC-DH300D

Pioneer RD-HWK200 Dash Camera Hardwire Kit for VREC-DH300D

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Dashboard Camera Hardwire Kit for VREC-DH300D Dash Cam


The Pioneer RD-HWK200 dash cam hardwire kit when paired with a compatible Pioneer dash camera allows continuous recording in parking mode to monitor your vehicle after the engine is turned off. The hardwire kit eliminates the need to have your dash camera plugged into your car's 12V outlet (car cigarette socket) by providing the camera with its own power supply. An adjustable timer feature allows you to choose a time lapsed setting of 1 hr. up to 12 hrs. maximum. The power module also monitors battery voltage and turns off the dash camera if low voltage is detected, preventing the vehicle battery from draining.

Key Features:

  • Dash camera add-on hardwire kit
  • Enables Parking Mode for compatible Pioneer dash cams
  • Battery low voltage protection
  • Adjustable timer settings
  • Dash camera ACC selection
  • Easy installation
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