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SoundQubed QP-MR6.5 Pro Audio Car 6.5 Inch Midrange Woofer Speaker Pair

SoundQubed QP-MR6.5 Pro Audio Car 6.5 Inch Midrange Woofer Speaker Pair

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SoundQubed QP-MR6.5

SoundQubed QP-MR6.5 Pro Audio Car 6.5 Inch Midrange Woofer Speaker Pair


The QP-MR6.5 is a high-output, high-quality midrange woofer designed to get loud and sound clear. Big systems require more from mids and highs than what standard component speaker systems and full-range speakers can deliver. The QP-MR6.5 pro-audio midrange stereo speakers were developed with the precision inherent in a 6.5″ car speaker. The QP-MR6.5 is ready for mobile applications and has a shallow, 2.65” mounting depth so installation will be a breeze.


The QP-MR6.5 Pro Audio Mid Range Speakers open up new possibilities for car audio system design. Modern stereos and interiors make it difficult to add car speakers beyond the original equipment mounting locations molded into door panels, dashes, and pillars. Conventional component systems and coaxial speakers are not efficient enough to match the output of a heavy-hitting sub system.


·        Power Handling: The speaker can handle up to 150 watts RMS and 300 watts peak power.

·        Frequency Response: The speaker has a frequency response range of 100 Hz to 10 kHz, which is ideal for midrange frequencies.

·        Sensitivity: The speaker has a sensitivity rating of 94 dB, which means it can produce a relatively high volume level with a given amount of power.

·        Impedance: The speaker has an impedance of 4 ohms, which is a common impedance for car audio systems.

·        Cone: The speaker has a treated paper cone with a foam surround, which helps to produce clear and accurate midrange frequencies.

·        Voice Coil: The speaker has a 1.5 inch voice coil, which is designed to handle high power levels and maintain low distortion.

·        Magnet: The speaker has a large ceramic magnet, which helps to provide a strong and consistent magnetic field for the voice coil.

·        Mounting: The speaker has a standard 6.5 inch diameter and a mounting depth of 2.6 inches, which makes it a good fit for many car audio applications.

·        Overall, the SoundQubed QP-MR6.5 is a well-designed midrange speaker that is capable of producing clear and accurate midrange frequencies in a car audio system.


·        Model    QP-MR6.5

·        Impedence    Single 4 Ω

·        Sensitivity 1W/1m    95

·        Magnet Weight    18 oz

·        Coil Diameter    1.5"

·        Useable Throw    16 mm

·        Continuous Power    100 W

·        Music Peak Power    200 W

·        Overall Diameter    6.61 inches

·        Mounting Depth    2.65 inches

·        Mounting Diameter    5.66 inches

·        Freq Response    130 Hz-9 kHz

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