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Audiopipe APMB-828GH-RED 8" 400W Peak Compression Horn Mid-Range Loudspeaker

Audiopipe APMB-828GH-RED 8" 400W Peak Compression Horn Mid-Range Loudspeaker

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8-Inch 400 Watts Peak Compression Horn Mid-Range Loudspeaker

Experience powerful and crystal-clear sound with our 8" Compression Horn Mid-Range Loudspeaker. With 400 watts of P.M.P.O. and a 1.5" Kapton voice coil, this 2-way pro shallow coaxial speaker delivers a frequency response of 70-20kHz and a sensitivity of 90dB. Easy to mount with a flat steel basket and included grill, it's perfect for any audio system.

Key Features:

  • MID-RANGE SERIES: The best in quality, size, and performance, our Mid-Range Series features high-power producing a #LOUDANDCLEAR sound. Our engineers custom-built this series to include a built-in high-wattage compression horn driver for stronger power handling. 
  • BUILT-IN COMPRESSION HORN DRIVER: Our brand new family of mid-range loudspeakers includes a built-in compression horn driver. The compression horn driver and the mid-range loudspeaker may also be wired separately. Replace the compression driver without having to replace the entire speaker. 
  • 2-WAY PRO SHALLOW COAXIAL DESIGN: This loudspeaker applies a 2-way pro shallow coaxial design for exceptional mid-range audio performance.
  • FLAT STEEL BASKET: Especially engineered to be flat, these loudspeakers may fit in most door panels without custom fabrication.
  • SLEEK CANDY RED: This loudspeaker is designed candy red with a red "Ap" for a sleek, modern design. 
  • HIGH-QUALITY VOICE COIL: This loudspeaker is equipped with a high-quality 1.5” high-temperature KSV voice coil designed to handle extreme heat while maintaining its structural integrity, ensuring a long lifespan for your loudspeaker.
  • MAGNET: This loudspeaker is equipped with an 18 Oz ferrite magnet and neodymium magnet, delivering powerful and superior sound.
  • HORN: 3" Horn Diameter
  • GRILL INCLUDED: This loudspeaker includes a grill for added durability and protection to your loudspeaker.
  • PEAK POWER: 400 Watts (P.M.P.O.)
  • CONTINUOUS POWER: 200 Watts (R.M.S.)
  • MOUNTING DEPTH: 79mm (3-1/8”)
  • IMPEDANCE: 4 Ohms
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