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Axxess AXDSPX-A2B1 A2B Data Interface Amp Bypass Harness & DSP for Ford 2017-Up

Axxess AXDSPX-A2B1 A2B Data Interface Amp Bypass Harness & DSP for Ford 2017-Up

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A2B Data Interface Amp Bypass Harness and DSP for Select Ford 2017-Up

Key Features:

  • Package includes the A2B interface, vehicle-specific T-harness, and amplifier bypass harness
  • Designed for select vehicles with an A2B amplifier
  • Uses AXDSP-X technology
  • 31-band graphic EQ or 5-band Parametric EQ
  • Selectable high pass, low pass, or bandpass filters on each channel
  • 6 inputs and 10 individually assignable outputs
  • Independent equalization on each of the 6 outputs
  • Selectable slope (12, 24, 36, or 48db per octave)
  • Each channel can be delayed independently for up to 10ms
  • Easy behind the radio installation in most applications
  • Can be used with OE and aftermarket radios
  • Clipping detection and limiting circuits
  • Internal header port for adding interface modules
  • Bass knob included
  • Retains OE voice prompts (SYNC®) with adjustable level
  • Retains factory chimes, including parking sensor and cross path detection alerts with adjustable chime level
  • Chimes and voice prompts go through the aftermarket amplifier
  • Factory amplifier does NOT need to be retained
  • Settings adjusted wirelessly in a smart device application (tablet or mobile phone)
  • Read, write, and store configurations for future recall
  • Password-protect feature is available in the mobile app
  • Micro “B” USB updatable
Vehicle Applications:

  • Escape 2017
  • Fusion 2017
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