Basketball Training Aid Trainer Equipment For Shooting Dribble Skill Drill (Medium)

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Ultimate Basketball Training Vest

For Balance, Execution, Dribbling, Concentration, Skill, Technique, Control, Shooting

What comes in the package:

  • 1 PC of Sm/med vest OR
  • Lrg/XL vest 
  • 2 Resistance bands
  • 2 Arm Straps
  • 2 Hooks
  • 4 D-Rings
  • Ambidexterity Arm Sleeve
Key Features:

  • Muscle Memory Technology- Re-direction and Prevention Bad Habits from persisting or begin due to muscle memory technology on which this product is based
  • Promotes Proper Form front, behind the back and advanced level Dribbling
  • Equalizing Ambidexterity and strengthening both the primary and secondary arm and hand extremities by using the arm sleeve component
  • Proper form, 90 degree angle shooting trajectory
  • ImprovesPassing Trajectory
  • Improves  Speed, Agility, Hand Eye Coordination, Athletic IQ
  • Light-Weight Breathable Material
  • Non-Weighted Resistance Band Strength Training for adolescents whose growth platelets have not fully formed which decreases injury risk.
  • Enhances Proper Form