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Momento MD-IC6200 1080P Interior Infrared Camera for M6 MD-6200 Dash Cam

Momento MD-IC6200 1080P Interior Infrared Camera for M6 MD-6200 Dash Cam

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Interior Infrared Camera Compatible with M6 (MD-6200) Dash Camera


Interior camera for the M6 dash cam. Replaces rear-facing camera with infrared camera intended for monitoring activity inside of the vehicle.

If you are a rideshare driver, the IC6 interior cam is the perfect solution for protecting you in the event of an incident with a passenger. There is no better witness than a dash camera – the IC6 has got your back day or night.

Key Features:

Infra-red Light Sensing
In low-light settings, the IC6 activates 6 infrared lights that are discrete but effective in capturing activity in the front and rear rows of your vehicle.

Surveillance Day & Night
The IC6 records in full HD at 60fps to deliver a crystal clear image in all lighting conditions. Its smart sensors will auto-adjust to nighttime mode when the sun goes down, meaning the inside of your vehicle will be monitored around the clock.

Full 360° Swivel
The IC6 comes with an adhesive mount allows it to rotate a full 360° and til 180° up or down, so you can adjust it just right to get a full view of your car’s interior.


  • Compatibility: Momento M6 (MD-6200)
  • Image Resolution: 1080p (1920 x 1080) – 2 Megapixels
  • Frame Rate: 60FPS
  • Operating Temperature: -20° – 70° C | -4° – 158° F
  • Viewing Angle: 125°
  • Other Features: Infra-red light, Auto-brightness adjustment
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