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Rydeen BSS3 Microwave Radar Blindspot Detection System w/ Cross Traffic Alert

Rydeen BSS3 Microwave Radar Blindspot Detection System w/ Cross Traffic Alert

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Microwave Radar Blindspot Detection System with Reverse Cross Traffic Alert


The Radar Blindspot System is based on microwave radar technology for extended distance and sensitivity. Our BSS3 kit adds an extra set of eyes and warns the driver if there are any vehicles approaching in either blind spot before and during a lane change maneuver. Our system uses GPS to initiate operations above 20 MPH eliminating potential fault alerts. Unlike other systems, it requires no drilling into the bumpers. Radar Sensors install behind the bumpers hidden with included metal bracket hardware and alert the driver with two compact LED Indicators mounted on the “A” Pillars and a small hideaway adjustable speaker. This Microwave system is more accurate than previous ultrasonic-based sensor solutions from other companies.

Kit also includes newly revised “Reverse Cross Traffic Alerts” for backing/reversing out of a tight space when visibility is limited while vehicles are approaching from left or right side.

Key Features:

  • High Accuracy Digital Microwave Radar Technology
  • Two color options for LED indicators for visual alerts
  • Buzzer speaker for audible alerts
  • GPS Antenna Included for Speed Sensing
  • No drilling required
  • Not applicable with metal bumpers (See BSS2LPB)
  • Cross Traffic Alerts while Reversing

  • Sensor Operating Frequency: 24GHz
  • Transmit Power: 15dbm
  • Detection Ability: 5 targets can be detected at the same time
  • Detection Speed Range: 0.5mph—137mph
  • Speed Accuracy: < 0.5mph
  • Speed Restriction: 1. There are 4 speed restriction options; 5 mph, 10 mph, 15 mph, 20 mph. Default is 20 mph. 2. If no GPS signal is detected or satellites not found, the system will be active at any speed.
  • Direction of Movement/Alerts: Alerts for Approaching Vehicles
  • Operating Voltage: 9—18V
  • Waterproof (Radar Sensor): Radars: IP67 / Cables: NOT waterproof
  • Working Current: < 200mA
  • Working Temperature: -20°C to +70°C
  • Installation Angle: -20°(Horizontal)
  • Gain: 12k
In The Box:

  • Main Control Box
  • Main Wire Harness & Extension Cables
  • Radar Pucks/Bar
  • Black and Grey LED Indicators
  • Adjustable Buzzer For Audible Notifications
  • GPS Antenna For Low-Speed Notification Lock Out
  • Velcro, Screws, and Other Hardware
  • Owner’s Manual And Warranty Information
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